While the democratization of dating sites is already well underway, 1 in 3 stories would start on the Internet, according to a TNS SOFRES study. Mathematically, we could all go there soon.

Stéphane Rose: We can indeed start many “stories” there, all potentially very different. A beautiful love story, very rarely, but it does happen. A great sex story, if both partners consider it that way and live it fully. A messy ass story, if one of the two is bored or feels like a piece of meat, or if one makes the other believe that it is about love to throw it away immediately. consummate report, a widely used male strategy. We can also find people who meet to get revenge for an infidelity of their official partner, without necessarily saying it. Meeting people who are bored, and tell you behind the first drink that nothing will happen, that it is just a way of meeting new people … The cases are endless. But the most common is the first drink which ends in a great moment of solitude and leads to nothing. In this case the story turns short.

Catherine Lejealle: The TNS Sofres survey for Meetic shows that one in three love stories is initiated on the Internet. The range of contacts between strangers is wide: it goes from dating sites like Meetic to sites for sharing passions and leisure activities (OVS: we are going out, mountain biking, dog or pet owners, etc. .) or to forums or service exchange sites. Connecting strangers has become more democratic and is going well. So much so that the confidence in this type of connection extends to the romantic sphere. We have successfully purchased a season of a series on eBay or leboncoin.fr, so that confidence spills over into other areas of life. The Internet being a place frequented by all age groups and all PSCs, there is all the diversity possible. We can find someone who suits you.

Digital technology has become the reflex when looking for something, whether it is information (wikipedia), advice (user opinions before buying or before going to the cinema) or a good plan. This phenomenon is even more marked among young people (Generation Y, Z and C), who favor virtual word of mouth immediately available and within reach on a mobile device.

Stéphane Rose: The most common trap is that of lying. Everyone lies, about their physical appearance, their age, their profession, their true intentions. And unfortunately we cannot avoid it. You have to face it, and either get disgusted and leave the dating site, or persevere by looking for the needle in the haystack. If we have time and money to waste, it can work.

A more devious but very widespread trap is also that of the fantasy: we embark on a passionate conversation with someone whom we do not see and whose identity we extrapolate on the basis of some clues.

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